vendredi 12 mai 2017

KiteSurf & KiteFoil League Championship

kiteboarding 2017


kitesurfers only!

The Cercle Nautique Tranchais organizes, on May 21st, 2017, an event reserved for kitesurfers.
Twin-Tip, Race or Foil, each medium is accepted!


This event will take place from 11 am to 6 pm in front of the central beach, in the form of built courses.


Registration will be possible on site, from 9am to 11am, at the price of 10 €.


It is necessary to be licensed FFV (competition) or FFVL.
A daily license can be purchased (14 €) accompanied by a medical certificate of no contra-indication to the practice of the kite in competition.


We thank you for pre-registering for the Kiteboard Championship of May 21, 2017 by completing this questionnaire.
Registration confirmations will take place at Cercle Nautique Tranchais from 9am to 11am.
The registration fee is 10 €.

Kiteboarding with Gisela Pulido